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 Litter Mates Keri & Boris
Past puppies of Lukeeta
Testimony:  Puppy from Bronco and Kari litter 2013
August 2014  We are writing you approximately 18 months after bringing home a bullmastiff we bought from you. Our family had no idea how big of an impact a dog could or would have on us, we named our bully Roxy and from the beginning on our road trip home Roxy cuddled up with our, then 5 yr old son, Dane, and the two have been inseparable since. Roxy has an unbelievable temperament for children and adults alike she is very intelligent, so training her was very easy. We have taught her various voice commands and hand 
gestures. Roxy has become a family member.   Kirk 
These puppies get a lot of Jediah's attention. He enjoys socializing with the little ones!
Our Foundation
    "Gunner" is an old faithful! In his mass of wrinkles, muscles and size, he is all heart inside.....
     He is a dog that really communicates with you and so very faithful. Don't be fooled ! He knows when to stand his ground and protect his family!! I don't hesitate to take him with us anywhere, (if we have room). He is a total gentlemen... The neat part is he really throws this temperament into his pups.
Gunner has retired! 
Just basking in the sunshine!

"Cheyenne" is a beautiful red, very stocky and quiet (except when she is protecting her house or stretching, then you hear a little more then something out of her).
She is one of the most wonderful mothers. I loved helping her with her puppy's!! She was very trusting with me. Chey loves the trampoline with the kids. It's also funny to watch her play with the young pups, she is so careful with them. She throws a little bit of her self into all her pups, but a lot of her looks to her daughters.....
Cheyenne is now spayed and living in a wonderful home with our dear friend Ryan.

Our Past Puppies
Dawstins Bullmastiff       Dawstins Bullmastiff
Testimony:  Puppy from Sassy & Hunter litter August 2016
August 2017   I want to thank you for breeding wonderful dogs. This is him at 11 months, he is everything I hoped for. His color is amazing and he has a great temperament. He is almost 130 pounds and starting to develop his chest, he has a great big head and a heart of gold. I hope to get him a companion from you in the future.  Keith 
September 2017 --  We just thought we would check in with you from here in California. We can't believe our boys have turned a year old, WOW time has gone by! Our beautiful red fawn Hunter who is a very dark red. Maverick is our high spirited, inquisitive one who is always on the go, loves toys and is the protector of us all, including his brother Hunter. He is a smarty pants and can pretty much figure out anything :) Hunter is our gentle giant who loves to snuggle, LOVES his blankies, and give kisses to everyone, we call it you got huntered :) He too is very smart, but content with going with the flow :)  Hunter, Wee One we called him when he arrived we are pretty sure has surpassed Mavericks weight. They have their brotherly arguments, as do all brothers, but they remain VERY close! The night begins with one of them on one of us snoozing and the other on someone else, at the end of the night they always come back to each other and snuggle to sleep.Thank you for allowing our home to be our Maverick's and Hunter's FOREVER one!!!  Warm Regards, The Kropp Family